This blog aims at being concise, relevant and useful to people working in English Language Teaching.

I meet many teachers who simply do not have the time to trawl the web daily for the constant stream of information, ideas, sites and opinions which may be of interest for their professional life. This blog aims at summarising, in one place, some of the most relevant items I come across. The aim is to keep posts brief but informative! A sense of humour is also allowed 😉

The blog will list sites, articles and ideas for teachers. There will not, however, be worksheets or lesson plans: in my experience an idea, a site, an article or link can be developed by a teacher into a lesson tailor-made for their own students as quick as adapting a generic lesson plan.

Enjoy and feel free to email me with comments:mail: info@scottboardman.com


Charles Lamb defines a pun: “It is a pistol let off at the ear, not a feather to tickle the intellect”.


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