My full name is Enda Francis Scott Byrne, born in Ireland and now a Spanish Citizen.

I have been working in EFL for well over twenty years, firstly in Sudan and for many years in Seville, Southern Spain where I work in one of the largest private Academies in Spain. I have had many positions as a teacher and manager at the school having taught all levels and worked on many projects. At present I am director of one of the school’s twelve centres, I am part of the teacher trainer team and am working on expanding our online materials.

I have always been particularly interested in the use of IT in EFL and have given talks and workshops on the subject all over Spain.

I have been a board member of TESOL-SPAIN for many years and have held various posts including those of President and Speaker Coordinator for our conferences. More information at: www.tesol-spain.org

I maintain www.scottboardman.com


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