Time for a consultation

September 26, 2012

The company that provides excellent online ICT training courses also has a blog full of completely free information, ideas and links to online material and tools which could be used in the classroomm or by students at home. Wonderful resource at: theconsultants-e

The crux of the matter

June 4, 2012

Here is something to have fun with in class. http://www.cruxbot.com/ summarizes webpages. Find a page with a lot of text, cruxbot it and see what happens. An interesting tool to explore in terms of reading and writing skills, particularly at higher levels.

Organize this!

May 28, 2012

A good follow on to my last post is this list of ten tips and tools to keep yourself organized as a teacher. It is written by Shelly Terrell who is always worth reading and is on the ESL Library site which is worth visiting or re-visiting if, like me, you had forgotten about it for a while. http://tinyurl.com/86a4eok