Box those tools

September 13, 2012

Starting the new school year here so a couple of sites worth exploring. They are not TEFL based but offer lots of ideas and tools which are worth investigating. is a site of classroom tools, simple, even basic but ideas worth exploring here. is a little bit “glossier” but again has some fine material. Check out the templates on the right from a simple stop watch to time activities to a random name generator which decides which student answers the next question!

If you are also starting back these day have fun and good luck.

Starting out

September 10, 2012

Yes a new school year is starting so not much time for blogging but here is a blog with some ideas which might give us some pointers for the new course. Good luck!

Count on it!

September 6, 2012

Remember this?

Search YouTube for Sesame Street and you have hours of fun and language for kids. Meanwhile, the man who was the puppeteer for the count died recently which led the BBC to compile this whimsical article on the Count and numbers in general. Something here for various classes.

For some more serious statistics on how the recession is hitting education as we go back to school in Southern Spain check this article in Spanish.

Interestingly, when money gets tight first to go are the technology inicitiatives: no more notebooks for 5th level primary students. I would imagine training on how to use / teach with the technology is also out the window. Back to the chalk board and count your luck if you actually still have an IWB and got some training in how to use it.

Padding along

June 28, 2012

Check out for a simple and neat way of collaborative writing. You sign on and can write, edit, correct a document with anybody else you want to work with, all live, online and immediate.

Bitter pills to swallow

June 20, 2012

“One tablet per child” has been the new government of Thailand’s promise. Yes a tablet computer for all children starting school. Political publicity mainly. More and more money is spent on education with poorer and poorer results. Teachers are being paid more but performance has not followed suit which is slightly depressing for my future pay prospects. The Economist summarises: “Giving every child a tablet computer is a nice gimmick, but it is unlikely to be the key to educational excellence.” The fact that higher teacher pay is not seen as a way forward is an even bitterer pill to swallow.

The original article here:

On a high

May 16, 2012

Well, tripping in fact. Here is website which allows you to plan, review, remember, invent a trip and add photos and comments to the adventure. Sign in with your facebook account is the easiest.

This could be interesting as a class exercise on the IWB and then students could plan their own trips, online or on good old pen and paper.

Babbling on

May 7, 2012

This is fun. Add photos and then talk over them. Greaat for student homework / projects. It can be used to practise any language point. You do have to sign in however, but you can use your facebook account. Well worth investigating if you don’t know it already.