It might be a day

Reading Samuel Beckett never helps you clear your thoughts: you just keep waiting for something to happen.

There have now been three hundred and eight posts over five years on this blog. I am officially calling it a day. I think the original intentions of the blog have been fulfilled but time does move on as the post below indicates: it is no longer necessary to provide resources or aid to teachers setting out in their exploration of technology. It is time to move forward, as this blog has over time, into new spaces where mobile phones will be automatically on rather than off in our classes. The post below and many other reflections over the years on this blog indicate that it takes time, but that when technology is involved it is very often hard to predict exactly when, how or where its greatest impact will be, is or indeed has been. Just like waiting for Godot.

On that thought I leave you.



2 Responses to It might be a day

  1. Viv says:

    Hello Enda,

    Have just read your excellent article in ETP about homework, which really struck a chord. It’s a really good overview of the topic with useful suggestions.

    Re. your idea of using blogs for homework, I’ve been doing this since last August but the uptake is very slow, even with my own students. Even though they only have to press a button on their i-phones do their short listening homework half of them don’t do it.

    My blog is:

    Like you, I’m thinking of stopping when the year is up. Any thoughts or comments very welcome.

    Best wishes,

    Viv Wand

  2. eflbytes says:

    Hi Viv
    homework can be controversial for various reasons but glad you liked the article. Love your blog. Uptake is inteed slow! I think the only thing that helps is how it is used later in class.
    Good luck and stay with that blog

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