Not dead yet

This blog is essentially a fórum for discussing the role of technology in education and in aprticular, language teaching. So here is something to consider:

– Trams are back in fashion!

– Ballpoint pens killed off the fountain pen but they sell quite well again!

– Sales of the good old vinyl LPs plunged to virtually nothing in the early 1990s but are now at more than 6m in the USA alone.

Disruptive technologies such as the digital camera can put a company like Kodak out of busniess in a flash but old technologiers don’t always completely die out. The examples above are just three of re-emergent technologies.


And the message for teaching? Well I think we have already seen IWBs fall back into place and the value of a good old White or black board continue to shine through. More importantly, now matter how far technology advances what we keep coming up against are the vital importance of the  two old fashioned concepts of teacher and teacher training. Looking good: I might just make retirement!


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