In suspension …

untitledThat time of year with exams all around. Hope none of you doing them get suspended!

I have been suspended on another front: yes another birthday but to keep you all addicted to the blog I refuse to tell you how old … just keep reading. Have been reflecting, however, on teaching (surprise, surprise). I still remember getting off the school bus and waiting for our first TV aerial on the roof. And that was B/W! My favourite teacher of all time was still allowed to hit us with a drum stick: but he taught me everything I needed to now about Franco. Those were the days.

The technology keeps changing and with it education but I remain a firm believer in the power of the teacher. Recently I have become addicted to massive online courses such as those offered by but it fascinates me how important the role of the lecturer still is … it may be a video but their personality still wins you over.

Likewise, in our increasingly IT influenced classrooms, us teachers remain the key point of reference. Here is a fine blog post discussing the whole area stating very clearly that we need to put students not stuff first and it will be the teacher who makes that difference.

If the blog is still running this time next year I may confirm my age. Or maybe not. The joys of cyberlife: it never ends, they won’t let you quit.



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