Dyed in the wool

sheepFeeling sheepish today. Why was I so excited by a dial-up modem connection and so unexcited by an IWB in my classroom? Can I get that initial IT buzz back?

It may be the timing, or simply the article itself, but this reflection on technology and its implications for education really hits the spot for me. Buying new IWBs, laptops etc really doesn’t actively incorporate technology into education as we all know. Neither does the latest APP or social network. Over the past fifteen years I have become increasingly depressed by the idea that spending enough will bring technology into our classrooms effictively. It is much more complex and if we lose sight of teachers and students in the process, ie the essence of education, we are missing the target completely.

At the same time, one way or another, and I think often in such a subtle way that it almost goes unnoticed, technology changes everything completely. A generation that has grown up with the internet cannot be the same as one that grew up with black and white TVs. The trick is working out what the difference really is but not throwing the baby out with the modem, as it were.

Education may be changing, roles developing, but the essential pillar of learning remains the combination of teacher, student, materials and how that all fits together. Obvious I suppose, but all too often the IT budget seems more important: what can be afforded, sold, promoted outweighs the educational implications.

So, reading this blog post has sent me back to the drawing board … or should that now be back to the photoshop? Time to dye my hair and start again? Check it out for yourself here.


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