History lessons

napsHere is a new site aiming at providing a history of modern language teaching in the UK and Europe. It is still in its early stages but offers some interesting view points.

Speaking of history, we are all too aware how difficult language teaching can be and how things come and go as fashions change (are dictations and translation in or out of fashion at the moment?) but don’t dispair: there are even more difficult subjects to teach. History for example. Dates might be simple but deciding exactly what happened on a particular date is more complicated. Just like language: you can teach the structure of a tense easily but how and where it is used is a far more slippery concept. It is our job to know about language and its deceits but for a light break, read about the complexity of teaching history here.

Finally, on the subject of education did you know McDonald’s is one of the biggest trainers in Britain with 1million applicants a year? No mincing of metaphors there I should hope. Read about it here. What would Napoleon have thought about French fries?


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