A little bird told me …

It’s story time today, something easy to read but hopefully useful. There are many sites out there offering tool sfor creating comics, stories and videos. Here are two I had time to look at in more detail recently (they do all require you to create an account).

http://storybird.com/ is a simple site where even quite young kids can create their own story. Even looking at the samples is fun in class! Well worth a look and adaptable for many different levels.

More ambitious is http://storify.com/ a site which allows you to build your own newspaper effectively, based on feeds you take from social media. This would have to be for higher levels, maybe adults, but could provide the background for some nice project work as students build either a class journal or individual ones which they can then share.

Finally, http://www.weebly.com/ is even more ambitious. This site allows you and/or your students to build an attractive website very quickly and effectively. Again, lots of potential for project work.

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