What the DOS needs to know

I remember the joys of wrriting simple programs that worked on MS-DOS. Those were the days! Little kicks out of the battered floppy disk drive lightening up and opening the menu you had programmed in. No Google to help and the nearest computer was four blocks down the street. Now of course, in two minutes a kid is off and running and in contact with millions of computers all over the world. The skills required for both scenarios are very different.

Teaching kids how to use technology is of course much more than teaching them how to set up a blog or open a word document and not lose it once it is saved. Here is a list of ten lessons on using technology every school or teacher (or even DOS) should consider including in their planning. This is certainly what I am working on with my own kids: they can make the technology work quicker than I can but do they understand the implications or possible implications of what they are doing? Article here.


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