Higgs boson … does it really matter?

From a generation that grew up believing the answer to everything was 42 I am not sure if it is disappointing or a relief to find out that the Higgs boson really does exist. Some years ago I saw Scott Thornbury speaking in Granada (and later Sevilla) about the elusive trait  that makes an extra special teacher. He spoke at length about his Grandfather who ran a school in rural New Zealand and who obviously had had a special realationship and impact on his students. We probably all have memories of a teacher that left their mark on us (and not just physically!) But what is that special element, that catalysist for a fusion between certain students and their teacher? Is it the chance result of a combination of personalities at a certain time or is it some quality some people have to make them special teachers? If the latter is the case will this special quality, like the higgs boson, one day be found and proven to exist? If there is a special “teaching type” can we eliminate costly teacher-training and recruitment departments and replace them with a simple DNA test? Would it really matter?


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