Flipping out

In many posts I have mentioned online tools which could be interesting as a means of setting students homework, creating online cartoons, recordings etc which can later be looked at and discussed in class. Here is another idea which is in vogue but which takes the whole concept of what happens at home / in class to a different level.

Try flipping your class. Forget those up-front presentations. Record them (powerpoint, video, audio, slide presentation etc) and put them online, on your blog for example. Let the students work through the presentation at home. That frees you up in class for much more interesting work be it practice or student feedback on the work they did at home.

Have yet to put it into practice but love the idea and how it could help make classroom time all the more useful and rich. Follow these two links for a little more on the area:




2 Responses to Flipping out

  1. Helen says:

    Hi Enda,

    I love the idea of flipping the class and I’ve been trying this for a while now with mixed success. It’s great when everybody does their homework but the problem arises when students don’t do the homework (for various reasons – including not having access to Internet at home). One way to get round this is to pair up the students who did do the homework with those who didn’t and engage in some peer-teaching. It’s not ideal but it does allow the teacher to notice gaps in student understanding.

    Students and teachers are still getting used to how technology can be used to facilitate learning. This is one model that can be very effective. It’s also now very easy for teachers to source ready-made online materials or create their own online mini lessons. Two very popular sites are http://www.khanacademy.org/ which has some excellent resources for schools (in English) and http://ed.ted.com/ where you can create your own video lessons online. They’re great sites for flipping the classroom.

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