Lapping it up?

I have written before about the initiative in Andalucia which gives all kids a netbook at the age of ten. I remain impressed by what my daughter can do with it and what I have taught her to do with it. This is not just a Spanish regional initiative of course. Other countries and regions have tried something similar. In Peru, for example, with money from mining bolstering spending, laptops have been provided across the educational sphere but with dubious results. Research shows that having access to a laptop made no difference in terms of improved educational results: “Giving a child a computer does not seem to turn him or her into a future Bill Gates – indeed it does not accomplish anything in particular.”

The problem appears to return to the question of teacher training. Students learn how to use the technology faster than their teachers which leaves the latter ill-prepared to exploit the technology to its full potential. Indeed, we have all been there!

At the same time lets not forget the success of the “Hole in the wall” project which goes to show that facilities and IT do not always require teachers to work.


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