Like many teachers I get tied into my coursebook and curriculum, exams etc but recently have had some space to work on mini projects with my young teenagers. Wonderful to be reminded how rich the language input/output can be when they are involved in something that catches their imagination! A dogme moment -)

Another curiosity was that when I introduced the concept of the project and what we were going to do, there was initial disbelief that the first stage did not involve switching on Google and doing some “research” or rather simple “search”. I know from my own daughter’s projects how they all start with Google for images and Wikipedia for content (with some music videos on Youtube is nobody is watching). Lots of cutting and pasting and lots of parential involvement from supervising internet, to printing, to buying glue and pizzas so the group do not starve along the way.

Once they got over the initial shock, my own students did manage to create some content all by themselves. On the subject of how IT can be blended or even welded into education, Nik Peachey gave this interview at the IATEFL conference .There are lots more fascinating recordings from speakers at IATEFL on the same site.


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