Adam’s Apple

Here is a fun article from the Economist on how Governments regulate the names parents can give their children. You can’t call a child Lucifer in New Zealand for example but you can give them a name of up to 100 characters whereas in Massachusetts the limit is 40. Kids called Moon Unit or Pilot Inspektor are the result of relatively liberal lawas in America and Britain while in Calafornia it is impossible to call a child José because the accent is not accepted. The article continues to discuss the impact names may have on a child’s future. A large number of American girls called Georgia actually live in that state while Dennis is more likely to become a dentist than Walter. Having a surname beginning with an early letter in the alphabet can be a boost when looking for an academic position or a vote at the ballot box: coming first on the voting list or in bibliographies means you get noticed more! So when naming your child, think GOOGLE … how to get a name that will generate search results. My suggestion is the title of this post … too late for my own kids now …

Original article:


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