Ye old curiosity shop

Two curiosities today, more entertaining than practical but connecting the local to the global. As part of the local Government of Andalucia’s project to develop IT literacy, starting with primary education, my daughter received her goverrnment sponsored netbook yesterday. Great excitement. We all signed a contract pledging we would care for it and supervise and encourage responsible use. It comes with a full colour brochure explaining the project. No instructions on how to get it started unfortunately. It is asking for a password we don’t seem to have and don’t appear to have put in. So, for the moment, my daughter’s IT literacy has been “go ask a technician” which is possibly were we all start with computers. And end up. From across the world read why English may save India’s business but at the expense of killing some of it’s languages:


2 Responses to Ye old curiosity shop

  1. Juanjo says:

    I am a teacher in Andalucía. Your daughter can use ‘usuario’ as user and password. My students and I do so in our computers.

    • eflbytes says:

      Thank you Juanjo! Yes we got it sorted and the computer and software are actually amazing! I am surprised by how much my daughter has learned already. It has been a real, positive, surprise.

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