Imaging this

We use images all the time in our classrooms and technology makes it increasingly easy to find pictures / flashcards etc. and also to manipulate them and create customized material. You and your students may be familiar with where you can store your photo sets online. I have just found, however, which offers a series of tools for manipulating photos, creating a jigsaw for example or a mosaic or poster from files you can upload or import directly from facebook or flickr. Great fun and very useful for creating stimulating images for use in class: try getting students to do their own and bring them in for discussion.

If you want to use pre-selected photos there is nowhere better to start than with the great ELT picture project. Have a look at the photos already available and well done to those involved! As a continuation follow the great new blog with ideas on how to creatively use photos in your classes

Great work by all involved!


2 Responses to Imaging this

  1. macappella says:

    Enda, you’re a star – no, you’re more than that, you’re a galaxy 😉 Thanks for the eltpics support. And hope to see you soon, somewhere, sometime.
    Fiona (Mauchline)

  2. eflbytes says:

    Thank you FIona and all the others who keep these sites going. See you at TESOL-SPAIN

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