Making it all up

Back after a month without internet! Here is a light-hearted article to start the new course on the “lure of made-up languages” such as Esperanto, Klingon and Lojban. None are yet standardised by the Council of Europe but who knows in the future. Meanwhile, David Crystal apparently gets a proposal for a new language every six months and even he says that maching translation may do us all out of a job in the not too distant future … well hopefully distant enough to let me retire gracefully first.


4 Responses to Making it all up

  1. Bill Chapman says:

    Don’t worry! Your pension is safe. I can say that with confidence as an Esperanto speaker.

    It is a shame that journalists seem to suggest that Esperanto is a rival to my mother tongue, English. I don’t see it that way!

  2. In agree with Bill Chapman.

    It is a pity also that it is not generally known that you may find Esperanto speakers in more than 130 countries. Or that more people in Burundi per head of the population speak the language or that more than 30 schools, in Burundi, where Esperanto is taught. In this respect neither Klingon nor Lojban can compare.

    Good however that the new online course now enjoys 125.000 hits per month.

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