The writing is on the tablet

Not quite on holiday yet so a quick post before the summer. El Pais has an opinion article today  on the Digital Threat (in Spanish specifically the digital threat South Korea is posing in education. Already one of the countries achieving the best results in international examinations and studies in education, South Korea has now promised to banish paper from its classrooms by 2014 and replace it by tablets. Andrés Oppenheimer in this article says this should start raising alarms not just in developing countries but in Europe and the US before we all fall even further behind educational standards set in Asia.

Also considering the future but directly from the point of view of education, the Economist had a special report last week on how the news industry may be developing and the challenges technology places and opportunities it offers. There seems to be no doubt at all, indeed how can there be given developments over the past few years, that news, how we receive it, process it, how it is generated and processed is changing. At the same time, equally clear is that there is no one simple path or concept of where it will all lead. We can all see the rainbow but the gold at the end remains evasive. For me that is why I like the comparison of the news and educational fields. In neither do we really know the correct path forward but there is no option but to explore. Teaching is a bit like that, with or with technology, isn`t it?


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