More digits that you think

The leading Spanish newspaper, El País has an article reporting on the first Pisa exam of digital competence amoung Spanish students. The results place Spain below the European average indicating that although they are familiar with the new technologies their abilities to surf the net successfully are limited. An accompanying article stresses the necessity of moving beyond simply surfing to develop the digital capabilities to a) search for information, b) select information, c) analyze the information and d) produce new texts on the basis of this research and evualation. A final article demolishes some myths about online literacy pointing out that it is just as complicated as any other type of literacy and furthermore it does not in any way diminish people’s ability to read on paper. In other words, as teachers and teacher trainers, it is so important to remember that teaching somebody how to use google or open a wordproceessor is only the very first step on the road to digital competence and that any idea that “the students know more than we do” is probably not true and shouldn’t be. Original article (in Spanish) here:


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