It’s music Jim … but not as we know it

A quick test of how long somebody has been teaching is to check out their experience of using music in the classroom. Who can remember listening to fuzzy tapes, pausing and desperately trying to write down the words and then copy out afresh into a worksheet? To anybody who has grown up with internet that is obviously stone age lesson preparation. Nowadays, it takes a fraction of the time to download video, lyrics and lots more. What I had partially forgotten and partially not realised are the variety of videos you can find of many songs. Try Taio Cruz “Dynamite” on YouTube for example and look at the variety: apart from the official video you will often find many more including versions with the lyrics. Great variety fi you want to listen to a video more than once with a class. And for some real fun (I learned this from my own kids yesterday) check out the versions by Bob Spongebox and / or the Chipmunks … drive yout classes crazy with these versions.


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