Killing the radio star

I haven’t been that inspired recently or simply haven’t come across all that much to blog about, or it is 40ºC and I am not thinking straight 🙂 And, suddenly, a friend sends a link and enthusiasm returns. The link was to some ideas on teaching English using video. My first MA assignment (many years ago now) was on the same subject but it was a pleasure to read the article, remember ideas, enjoy the reminder and also reflect on how applicable techniques which may have been originally developed around a VHS video, are for IWBs and an internet connection. New technologies do not necessarily require new techniques. In fact, I suspect that it is the opposite: effective use of new technologies probably implies their use within a framework of tried and proven teaching practices so that teachning and not technology remains the focus of the class.

The article brought me another reminder and surprise. It is part of the OneStopEnglish site which I am sure many of you use all the time. I haven’t been back here for a long time and I am very impressed by the range of material now available. If, like me, you may not have been there recently the following link is a good starting point:


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