Being bossy

Are teachers good at being bossy? Do we have to be? The Economist has an article titled: What do bosses do all day? in which it claims that research show company bosses spend probably more time than they should dealing with day to day chores rather than planning and thinking about the future. That sounds a bit like life in general to be honest: having banked, swept, washed, cooked, checked email, done some work and finally keep my blog up to date I don’t think I will have much time for future planning this morning. As teachers it is the same. By the time you have classes prepared, have been bossy, have looked ahead to the coming exams, there isn’t much time left for the future. And what would be in that future anyway? I am thinking about development. As teachers, by the time we have dealt with the day to day we don’t always have much time left to think about our teaching on a longer-term basis, to reflect, investigate, experiment. Bill Gates used to take a week off to reflect in a cabin. I wonder if my boss would encourage me to do the same … it could have great impact on my future teaching.


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