Child’s play

In the search for new sites, material and ideas sometimes it is comforting, relaxing, highly profitable and just plain easy to go back to old favourites and spend some time browsing. The BBC is a perfect example. I read some months ago they were reducing the number of sites and pages they maintained for financial reasons but they still provide the most amazing range of material for all ages, interests and much of it usable in class.

The CBEEBIES site is wonderful for younger kids and essentially, following the menus, self-explanatory. My daughter can stay here for hours if allowed!

For slightly older students, young teenagers, there is another site which I have only recently discovered Again, it takes time to explore all the options and material but well worth the investment as there is lots here that could be used for homework or on IWBs etc. Check out Newsround for simple news stories and the Things to Do section for some great material.


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