Over the moon

Always nice to hear from people over the moon about the role of IT in education! Here are the results of a recent international survey among educators highlighting how important they see the role of technology in education both immediately and in the future. There is a good summary here of many of the key issues involved. http://tinyurl.com/6ze3k32

I found the above link in a tweet from Nik Peachey. You can follow his multiple blogs from my blog list but meanwhile here are two recent posts from him. The first is a criticism not of technology in education but of educational technology (software and hardware such as IWBs developed specifically for education) http://tinyurl.com/68lzgja

Finally, as a guest on Ken Wilson’s blog, Nik looks from a different angle (that of bullying) at how technology changes and doesn’t change what we do and how we do it: http://tinyurl.com/6yy82rf

So, is it fair to be over the moon or is technology still somewhere over the rainbow? Maybe it is truely useful when it is neither, rather, with its feet firmly on the ground. To finish a video of rainbows bringing me fond memories of Hawaii:


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