A punny thing happened on the way to the quora

Hi all, have been away at www.bettshow.com this week which was interesting but also found two articles from The Independent which entertained briefly. The first was a review of an exhibition at the British Library illustrating how attempts at standardising English have constantly failed, which may be why it has spread so far and may even continue well into the future. “In a display of puns, illustrations and word-game books, the exhibition reminds us just how playful the English have long been with language.” Just the English I ask myself? Maybe the answer to that is the key!

On the subject of questions and answers I also read an article about www.quora.com a site set up by people who worked for Facebook.  I have seen it referred to on the net as a cross between wikipedia and twitter. Essentially you ask a question and people will provide answers. You do have to sign up but it is worth a look.


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