Serfing the web

“It’s The Economist stupid!”, as Bill Clinton may have said. The title of this post is indeed (sadly, I would have loved to have written the pun myself) from that newspaper. It is the title of an article starting with the fact that the British Monarch now has a Facebook page, but continuing to more serious musings. Given the dominance and recent fighting between companies such as Facebook and Google, the question the article poses is whether or not we are much more than serfs in a new social order, when the Monarchs are those who control the internet. I have to state quite clearly that I am a Republican!


One Response to Serfing the web

  1. Enda says:

    I know, bad form to reply to my own post but I do want to clarify that I know the difference between a Serf and a Smurf! Another bad pun of mine :-))

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