Not the 9 o clock class

This is fun, a parody on making news reports. I have used it with higher level groups and have been tempted to get them to record their own version of a spoof EFL class!

The video above is funny of course because it reflects on something we see and experience everyday. As an ex-media studies student I know that it is by following accepted “rules” and patterns you make something which is relatively easily absorbed.  To do almost anything it is necessary first to learn the ground rules. The same with teaching. We jump through the hoops at CELTA, even DELTA to prove we can do it, in theory at least. As a great painter once said, it is only when you can seamlessly master these rules that you can begin to bend them into something more original. You can’t paint like a child until you can paint like a master!

Is teaching similar? Is it only after passing all the exams, obtaining the certificates, that we can really grow as teachers and begin developing our own style? I saw Scott Thornbury some years ago (twice as it happens) speak about his grandfather, how he was seen as an inspiring teacher by his students and about what it takes to be the kind of teacher that leaves a mark. There is no simple answer obviously but, returning to the video above, perhaps when we can make the equivalent spoof of our teaching techniques we are ready to move on to something more inventive and really take teaching into our own hands. It might still be illustrative to encourage our students to make the film for us!


One Response to Not the 9 o clock class

  1. Elspeth says:

    I agree – jump through the hoops then go your own way.

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