Bewitched … the flying dutchwebs

I now work in a school with a virtual staffroom, where all teachers can digitally share their ideas and worksheets. Having spent hours of my life searching for ideas, worksheets I know I have written but cannot find in the physical staffroom or my own (very carefully organised) cabinets, this sounds wonderful. It is. But you still lose things, can’t find what you want etc. and perhaps the biggest difference is that it is harder to ditch what you decide is no longer of use. Clutter builds up in the virtual world as it does in space.  A recent article in El País discussed the ocean which is out there littered with dead or at least abandoned websites and blogs. They don’t disappear however, they remain like the Flying Dutchman floating listless, lost but with the ability to reappear and haunt us when least expected. The article discussed numerous blogs which, while left unattended by their writers for years, continue to retain life due to comments which are still posted as the original subject still appears in search engines.

The article is here at and I find it curious that I had to search google to come up with the link: I couldn’t find it at … it is easier than you think to become virtually lost in space. On that note, it is the bewitching hour so time to go home and listen to Wagner and his Flying Dutchman and thus crowd out any haunting howls this weekend. Enjoy!


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