What is the point?

I hadn’t intended returning to the question of Powerpoint so soon but an article in the Spanish newspaper El País today makes good reading http://tinyurl.com/3643xgp From a startling reference to General McChrystal who apparently claimed that the war in Afganistan could have been won if it hadn’t been for Powerpoint, the article continues to discuss a recent book by Frank Frommer which is obviously critical of what is seen as, in general, very poor use of this piece of software. One of the things that worries Frommer is the use of this application in education where, if poorly used, it effectively stops rather than enhances communication and interaction in a classroom. I couldn’t agree more. My solution is simple: if we want Powerpoint in our classrooms let the students make and give the presentations! That might help change the focus … back to Dogme again also?

(P.S. on the subject of Dogme, if you haven’t read it already Jeremy Harmer has been blogging recently on this with a record of nearly 200 comments http://tinyurl.com/32eq9tm)


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