Keeping an eye on that WB

Yes indeed, you do have to keep an I on your new WB! In my experience Interactive White Boards are not any more Interactive (in an automatic sense) than any other White, Blue, Green or even Black board. As anybody who has ever had to re-boot a computer knows, technology reacts just as well to a good kick from a boot as it does from its own over helpful suggestions as to what has gone wrong: in other words, a little common sense goes a long way. It is very much the same with IWBs to my mind. They are only as interactive as the teacher using them and the activities that teacher has developed around them. The technology and software may faciliate interactiveness but so does chalk (and even cheese if you think hard enough :-)) Here are two links that develop the theme a little further.



2 Responses to Keeping an eye on that WB

  1. KBarrs says:

    I completely agree. As much as I love technology in the classroom and I think it has a lot to offer, I also think that we are not yet at the stage where it is ubiquitous enough to allow smooth interaction in classes. The idea for my ‘teachingt techbox’ which you mention in your previous post is borne out of the idea of ‘trustable’ technology and the fact that, to be honest, I can’t trust most technology to do what I want. When it comes to a bell, timer, dice or even a mobile phone camera and video camera, I can trust these because they have become integrated into daily life. So they go in the box. Soon an iPod Touch might go in there (whenever I can get my hands on the new model). IWB’s have great potential but I just don’t trust them…

  2. Enda says:

    Thank you for that comment. I agree and hence the reason your techbox site so appealed. The secret really is not being “overwhelmed” by technology, in that it doesn’t seem the solution to all teaching problems or the cause of them all either :-))

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