A dogged approach

Having worked with teachers in the use of technology in classrooms for many years, since early Windows 3.something to the latest Internet gadget, I am obviously fascinated by what IT can offer us as and our students. When I first began teaching in Spain the only source a “typical” teacher or student had for “real” English outside the classroom were other teachers or a copy of an English newspaper probably only available in one or two specialised tourist shops in the centre of town. Now, of course, Digital TV, the Internet etc. bring us virtually unlimited access to English language input in varying forms and formats.

IWBs, PowerPoint, Internet, Audacity, Blogs, Wallwisher etc. etc. I can see so many possibilities but at the same time in my own teaching and from observations as a teacher trainer I really do wonder if we become little more than materials managers on occasion. I find myself returning more and more to the idea of DOGME. I don’t think anybody including Scott Thornbury would necessarily insist that DOGME automatically eliminates technology from our classrooms but the ideas behind DOGME may very well provide a sound background from which to use IT more effectively, a set of guidelines which keep teaching and the learner to the fore rather than the latest Web. 2.0 tool.  

The discussion could go on and on so comments welcome but meanwhile here is a related blog which I think I found through a comment on Scott Thornbury’s blog (linked on the right) http://teachingtechbox.wordpress.com/ I like this enthusiastic mix of DOGME and unplugged technology!

If you are not familiar with DOGME http://www.thornburyscott.com/tu/Sources.htm is a good starting point.


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  1. Enda says:

    11.10.10 And the debate heats up! Great comments on this subject here:

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