Pointing can be rude but … powerful

I vividly remember being at a conference some years ago and sagging into my chair and onto my knees as the presenter accidentally gave us an over view of the Powerpoint presentation: 25 minutes into the 60 minute talk and there were still 48 slides to go, each full of up to 15 bullet points. How to cheer an audience up! Presenters and/or teachers are more aware I think nowadays of the advantages and disadvantages of Powerpoint and how it can be used most effectively.

A quick search on the Internet will throw up lots of advice on the subject. Meanwhile, here is something I have come across. http://tinyurl.com/33p48wj is a simple but effective discussion of how Powerpoint can be used by teachers. I particularly like the last part when it talks of how a teacher can encourage students to use it themselves and bring their work into class. Apart from this specific post the site itself is worth some browsing time. So, what can I say but make your point … powerfully!


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