Dazzling or dazzled?

The Economist (June 26th p88) reviews Nicholas Carr’s latest book discussing what the Internet may be doing to our brains.  “Humans like to believe they control the tools they use, even if  Socrotes, Marshall McLuhan and Ivan Lllich are among those who have argued that often they do not” says the article. Mr Carr obviouosly believes the Internet may be another tool which we don’t fully control. One argument is that our fondness for hyperlinks and surfing at speed means that our brains spend too much time devoted to short term decision making without time for long term memory development. The danger, the article highlights, is that it is long term memory that provides the basis for “true intelligence” and our ability to think and be genuinely creative. Read more on http://www.nicholasgcarr.com/

In a different article in the same issue (p.64) the Ecoonomist notes that there are an increasing amound of “dead blogs” out there in cyber land. Keeping a blog up to date can firstly be hard work but more importantly , for many people a blog may no longer be the tool they are looking for to publish in cypber space. Twitter, Facebook and other tools have eaten in.  The future of blogging the article argues may be with special interest publishing … so there is hope for eflbytes … I might survive 🙂


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