Look it up

With summer coming you may feel like having some fun with words … or you may not 🙂 If you do, these three links will be of interest.

http://tradukka.com/ is an impressive tool which offers real time translation from / to a range of languages. My impression is that the translations are actually quite good and I can imagine a variety of ways of using this in class. It is also fun to type in some information about yourself and translate it into some obscure language, such as Irish 😉

http://www.wordnik.com/ is great for any type of word building practice. Type in a word and all the variations appear, choose one and you get a definition. A fun way of working with word formation for higher levels and particularly Cambridge exam type tasks.

Finally, an article, with interesting links, on how phrases may be becoming more important than words as searching online allows for more sophisticated options than a paper-based dictionary does. Concordencing for the masses? http://www.avatarlanguages.com/blog/phrase-dictionary/


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