All PLEd out?

Nicky Hockly recently tweeted this link to watch a video by a 7th grade science student talking about her Personal Learning Environment (PLE). I have returned to it today at work and it really is fascinating as an indication of where our students may be going and where we need to be following or leading (!) as educators. Links to related videos lead you further down these avenues. I particularly liked the Common Craft style explanation of the Networked student (if you don’ t know Common Craft check them out now at Also interesting is and for more detail 

Comments on how close / relevant these ideas may be to what you find in your working environment are welcome! I am fascinated in comparing the ideas and experiences in these videos with the discussion we had on June 4th and my Digital of Course post. Would it be very cynical of me to say that PLEs as described above and the existing Spanish Education system (very much exam based even from a young age) are not compatible? Or maybe they are and it is our students (rather than teachers or course designers?) who will make them so.


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