The Holy Grail

This Friday, 11th of June is my 45th birthday. That may be a personal Holy Grail but I couldn’t find any related sites so thought I would dedicate this post instead to the Grail of the World cup which starts on that very same day. I have read recently that I think it is Brazil where the education authorities have produced special “packs” so that different subjects can use the World Cup as a means of stimulating interest in the material. If you are struggling to finish your English classes or planning on working over the summer here are some sites to start working from … hope you score!

The official FIFA site has lots of information which can be cut and pasted for a worksheet, brought up on a IWB for use in class or for students to research at home I particularly like the match summary 

You might forget to look for this but Wikipedia provides a rich source of background 

The Official South African webpage is easy to navigate and has statistics on more than just the games including stadiums, hotels and much more. A great place to generate worksheets from

Never forget YouTube when planning ahead. Search for World Cup 2010 to get the songs and videos, search just for World Cup to get old footage and try World Cup Cartoon for something a little different … but maybe not live in class.

Finally, favourite site is in Spanish but I am sure you can think of some use: the Spanish sports paper MARCA has the most beautiful graphics for finding out who plays who when

Have fun and remember no own goals allowed … we are teachers, we do not make mistakes!


2 Responses to The Holy Grail

  1. D R Hosie says:

    From the post title, I was expecting something quite different, and looking forward to inviting you to peruse my own latest post (

    But, fact is, I love it. Oh, and B4I4get, Happy Birthday.

  2. Enda says:

    And thank you for something different today … each one to their own Grail 😉

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