Dot dash, plus minus

Two sites to keep us thinking and researching developments in technology. is a blog which keeps a rather sceptic eye on the use of IT in classrooms. I strongly feel we need this realism and even occasional cynicism to balance overly euphoric predictions and claims which are far too common. I particularly like the May 14th post on common IWB myths.

Very different is This is a visual search engine for material related to innovation in education. As an experiment search it for IWB and follow some of the links. Beautiful and attractive to use it leads to many interesting thoughts and research.

And finally, the BBC has an article claiming that the young are more lonely than the old. The story discusses research which examines the role of technology pointing out that, while the Internet  helps people make connections they might not otherwise have made, it is not and shouldn’t be a replacement for genuine human interaction. My question of course is whether “genuine human interaction” will one day become completely virtual. Comments welcome 🙂


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