The Boxed Set

Here is a gift for teachers who use YouTube videos in class. At you can view a list of the Top 100 YouTube for use with students. Great fun to browse. For those teachers who don’t have direct internet access in their classrooms I have posted before about how simple it can be to download a YouTube video to a computer and thus still use them in class without being connected to the Internet. Jamie Keddie ( has a recent post going into detail on the legalities of doing this. Without encouraging piracy I personally don’t have big problems with downloading a video off YouTube for didactic purposes.

On a related subject the Economist, May 21st, printed a special report on television with many interesting insights and conclusions. One interesting fact is that TV is actually adapting very well to the challenges of new media while secondly, despite all the new technologies, in many countries people are spending more time watching TV than ever before. Two possible reasons for this: a) people can watch TV and use new technologies at the same time! and b) TV is still a lazy medium and it is easier zap channels than think about what you may want to do and search for it on Google! And the implications for teaching? Do we need more or less media in our classrooms? Can we compete? Can we harness the technologies for pedagogical use?

Just a day after writing the above on 18 of May El Pais publishes an article about how Google are working on a project to provide internet through our television sets and their accompanying remote controls. Apple are not far behind with similar projects. My questions remain.


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