I MadeTea!

Here is a curiosity. http://www.telescopictext.com/ Starting with the simplistic sentence “I made tea” you can click on each word to expand the text (clicking on the “I” for example expands the text to “Yawning, I made tea”). This continues until you get quite a large paragraph. Uses in class? It could be just fun for lower levels or grammar analysis for higher levels but eitherway, while fun, it would need some additional tasks to make the most of it.

– You could get students to expand the original three words until they make the largest text possible and then compare with the online version.

– Students could be given the complete text as a gap fill to try out and again, compare with the original.

– Students could then do their own in pairs, then give the original three words to other groups and see what they make of them!

– Language analysis tasks could be added.

As I said, a curiosity, but worth a look.


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