Shaking it up

Much has been written about the use of new technologies during the Obama election campaign. The Economist (March 20th 2010, pp 37-38) analyse the implications for the upcoming election in Britain. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to using technology everything is more complicated than it may initially appear. Their conclusion: “First-time activists were drawn to Mr Obama´s campaign largely because of his personal appeal. Candidates, as an electorate not especially taken with either Mr Brown or Mr Cameron is finding out, are harder to replicate than technologies.”

I have spent a lot of time this week observing and talking to teachers. In general I think we agree with the above! Technology gives us teachers many tools and resources but in no way replaces solid and indeed, innovative teaching. With or without technology people remain people and Shakespeare’s insights into people probably remain as true today in the Internet age as they did before Satellite TV 🙂 is my favourite Shakespeare site of the moment. It is worth checking out for fun and maybe even for class.


2 Responses to Shaking it up

  1. Ceri says:

    hear, hear!
    not having the chance to explore and experiment with technology in the classroom at the moment, it’s great to hear that those of you who are saying what we the unteched are also intuiting – babies and baht water spring to mind, as do analogies with SFX obsessed Hollywood blockbusters where the plot gets lost in the love of technology
    but then again, it’d be interesting to hear about how innovative, creative teachers are using the tech – like any other medium, it must have something to offer?

  2. Enda says:

    Thanks Ceri. Agree completely. IT has so much to offer but the challenges are exactly as you outline. IT won’t teach for us and in the end it is like any teacher resource, it’s significance and usefullness will always depend on the teacher.

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