Making YouTube … MYtube

As teachers many of us don’t have internet access in our classrooms. That, of course, does not stop us using material from the internet in class. Even videos can be stored on a laptop and shown in class. Downloading a video from YouTube or other sites is relatively simple but something I am frequently asked about. I have previously used sites such as   or which allow you to save online videos to your computer. Recently, for advertising and/or copyright reasons they are not working that well.

My favourite alternative is to download an add-on to Firefox Browser. If you haven’t got Firefox installed a simple search on Google will bring you to the link to download. Once installed go to Tools / Add-ons (Herramientas / Complementos). There are many possibilities but my favourite is  Download Helper ( which apart from allowing you download video files also allows you to convert their format if necessary so that they are compatible with the media player you have installed on your computer.


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