Needles and Dogs

The Economist (February 27th, 2010) has a special report on managing information. There are two key issues. Firstly, the world has more stored data than could ever be imagined up to a short time ago. Secondly, while in theory, processing this data effectively could make all our lives easier and more efficient, in practice there are two major problems. One is simply that of storage but the second is perhaps more complex: how do we make sense of all these data? Companies spend fortunes analysing the data they generate but the article points out that very often, rather than helping us to find the needle in the haystack, all this analysis simply generates is more hay. Is this of relevance to the use of technology in education? Does technology potentially shower teachers with too many resources while we lose sight of the needle? And, finally, resolving the bad pun in the title, does this bring us back to Dogme and how it sits with ICT? (Follow Scott Thornbury’s blog on the right of this page for an update on Dogme, ten years on).


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