Yes U (tube) CAN!

As you have probably experienced YouTube can be addictive. With a little intelligent searching you can find virtually anything there from the serious and sublime to slightly daft and potty. With a little imagination it is also very easy to find material to liven up almost any class; a little more imagination and you can blend the clip into any lesson plan! The expert on doing this is Jamie Keddie. There is a link to his blog on this page but he also  maintains a blog dedicated to finding YouTube clips of interest to EFL classes and accompanying them with detailed worksheets.

Meanwhile, here are three of my own favourite YouTube clips which I have used in class. The first, obviously, is great fun around Christmas time. I have adapted it for most levels and for everything from simple vocabulary practice to narrative tenses, going to and phrasal verbs.

This second one is very different but good fun on April Fool’s day! You can follow up with “The making of”!

Finally, who can remember listening to poor tape decks and trying to copy down the lyrics of songs to do in class? How that has changed! Now we have instant access to the lyrics on the Internet, can copy into a wordprocessor and make a worksheet in ten seconds. And, we can use the music video as well as the song itself. Interesting for class is that on YouTube you can often find different versions of the same song, some with lyrics only which are very useful if you want to play the song more than once. The video below is another novelty which makes listening to a song interesting in class: a LipDub of “I gotta a feeling”. Much better than the original video and very interesting to get students to compare them! You can also find “the making of” on YouTube and some CNN coverage of the clip.

Have fun!


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