Ying Yang JING!

Ying, Yang, JING

There are various programs you can download which allow you do Screen Captures. That means you can record everything which happens on your computer screen including, if you have a microphone and software, any commentary you may make. Why is this useful? Well, firstly if, for example, you want to show how to use a piece of software you can go through the steps on the computer screen, explain what you are doing and package all this as a file which can be sent via email or posted online. The procedure is easily adaptable to teaching: you can make demonstrations in powerpoint and include a commentary over them which can be sent or posted for your students. You can correct students work onscreen with a spoken commentary and send them the file. One of the people with the most ideas on how to use this type of software is Russell Stannard, ICT Lecturer at the University of Westminister. His two sites http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/ and http://www.multimediatrainingvideos.com./ are full of screen capture videos which will explain many computer programs and Web 2.0 tools which are of interest to teachers. Follow his articles for some interesting ideas on using screen capture software for correction. Finally, one of the simplest tools for recording your computer screen is JING which can be downloded at http://jing.softonic.com/. Have fun!


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