New Year Reading and Thoughts

To start the New Year some articles and reflections on where technology may be taking us .

Interactive White Boards (IWBs) are all the rage but in my experience they have limitations. This blog reflects many of my own reservations:

Being fair, however, IWBs do, of course, have a lot to offer if used and supported wisely. Pete Sharma in his article  “The rise and rise of the interactive whiteboard” (Etp Issue 66 January 2010, page 5) defends their use, and limitations, very clearly.

 In a more general sense here is an article which deflates many of the overly optimistic views of Web 2.0 and attemptes to keep enthusiasm in perspective. (This article is in Spanish):

being fair once more, the following reply was published shortly afterwards:

The Economist has an thought provoking article on a similar theme reflecting on how the Telegraph changed News reporting and considering the lessons that may provide in terms of the impact of the Internet on news and newspapers today and in the near future:

Finally, an example of how news reporting can distort and how the web can rectify! The Times in London recently published the following article lamenting (in a pretty standard rant) what the article sees as the diminishing vocabulary modern teenagers possess and use. The last paragraph actually quotes David Crystal but it is very interesting to contrast the article, the lack of attention it pays to what Crystal says and Crystal’s own views of the  issue as a whole in his blog:


2 Responses to New Year Reading and Thoughts

  1. Elspeth says:

    Interesting to see both sides of the argument here. Thanks Enda!

  2. Enda says:

    Thank you Els!

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